Dense and Green

Architecture as Urban Ecosystem


(forthcoming 2019).

Future Cities Lab:
Indicia 02
Dense and Green Building Typologies

Lars Müller Publishers

(forthcoming 2018).

Dense and Green
Building Typologies

Architecture and Landscape Architecture Perspectives

Springer Nature

(forthcoming 2018).

Dense and Green
Building Typologies

Research, Policy and Practice Perspectives

Prof. Dr Thomas SCHROEPFER
Prof. Sacha MENZ

Springer Nature

In this book, academics, policy makers, developers, architects and landscape architects provide a systematic review of the environmental, social, economic and design benefits of dense and green building types in high-density urban contexts and discuss how these can support higher population densities, higher standards of environmental sustainability and enhanced live ability in future cities.

Time Space Existence
Dense and Green
Building Typologies:
Architecture as Urban Ecosystem:


Book from La Biennale di Venezia. The fourth edition of the biennial architecture exhibition “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” presents a wide selection of works from architects, photographers, sculptors and universities from all over the world. In addition, projects realized in cooperation with institutions and museums. The participating architects and artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and different career stages, i.e. established architects next to professionals whose works might be less known. What they have in common is their dedication to architecture in the broadest sense of their profession. The exhibition shows a vast spectrum of presentations (models, concepts, research outcomes, thoughts, dreams and ideas), placing classical architectural installations in dialogue with surprising artistic elements.

Future Cities Lab:
Indicia 01
Dense and Green Building Typologies

Prof. Dr Thomas SCHROEPFER

Lars Müller Publishers

This book, the first in a planned series, reports on the Future Cities Laboratory and its mission to shape sustainable future cities through science, by design, in place. It offers a global perspective on cities from the vantage point of Asia, where the laboratory is based. This view has particular significance today as the fortunes of Asia, the world’s most populous and rapidly urbanising continent, will also delineate the prospects of the planet.

Dense + Green
Innovative Building Types for Sustainable Urban Architecture

Prof. Dr Thomas SCHROEPFER


The integration of nature in architecture is a key concern of sustainability. However, all too often sustainable design is reduced to improving the energetic performance of buildings and the ornamental application of natural green. Dense + Green explores new architectural typologies that emerge from the integration of green components such as sky terraces, vertical parks and green facades, in high-density buildings. The book describes green strategies in a comparison across different design tasks and climate conditions. In-depth case studies on the most relevant building types, consistently presented with analytical drawings made exclusively for this book, are complemented by expert essays that demonstrate the current paradigm shift in the sustainable urban environment.

Public Space Evolution in High-Density Living
in Singapore

Ground and Elevated Public Space in Public Housing Precincts

Prof. Sacha MENZ

ETH Zürich

The results of the Singapore ETH Centre’s Module X research on public space evolution in high density living in Singapore have been published. Edited by Professor Sacha Menz, the book investigates the development of public spaces in state-funded residential contruction. Six housing examples are systematically examined, looking at both public space provision and its effect on social aspects.


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What’s the Cost of Dense and Green?

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Toward Architecture as an Urban Ecosystem